Privacy Statement

January 1st, 2022

This Privacy Statement (“Privacy Statement”) describes information that Orro, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates collect, use, share, and store when you create an account on the Orro App and install and activate your Orro device. We provide additional details about how we collect and use information from our public website and app in our Orro Websites and Apps Privacy Policy ("Policy"). By using Orro products, you agree to allow us to collect and process information as described in that Policy and in this Privacy Statement.

Our Privacy Commitment To You

When we design Orro products, we adhere to the following five principles:

  • We never sell your data: It’s just not part of our business model. We only share your data under the limited circumstances outlined in our policies.

  • Limited what we collect: We only collect data required to develop and provide Orro products and services to you.

  • Transparency: We create policies and products that are clear and understandable.

  • You are in charge: You choose the features you want. As you choose to enhance your experience with new features, we’ll let you know if we need additional data from you.

  • End-to-end security: We build seamless security into our products and services so you can trust that your data is safe.

Data Collection and Use

To use Orro, you must share some personal data with us when you create and use your account and we collect some data from our devices as they operate. We use this information to provide our features and functionality and notify you of new ones as they launch, as well as for product diagnostics, research and developing new services, enhancing the user experience, product improvement, and technical support and troubleshooting purposes.

Data Collection When You Create An Account

Without a Orro account, you can use the device as a traditional on/off switch. Activating your free Orro account allows you to setup and use the connected features and functionality of the device. To create an account we ask for some personal data such as your username, email address, and login credentials. We ask for additional data about your room configuration and types of lightbulbs used. We use this information to set-up, activate and provide the Service.

Data Collection when you Activate Your Orro Switches

We collect data when you install and activate Orro Switches in order to make Orro work. The basic data we collect is described below. Note that as you activate additional Orro features, we may ask for additional information in order to make those features work.

Data we collect from all installations include:

  • Setup information, such as your Wi-Fi information and password and Bluetooth connectivity information. Orro devices uses this data to communicate with Orro and in your home with other Orro products.

  • Information about the environment, such as the room type, fixture type, number of fixtures, number of installed light bulbs, types of light bulbs used, and operating status of those light bulbs. This data is used to adjust and synchronize the lighting levels of the room, as well as for troubleshooting and technical support purposes.

  • Sensor information, such as switch status or proximity detection. This data is used to activate features such as True Presence. Some features require activation and opting in before any data is collected.

  • Adjustments to the device, including ones you make and changes that occur as Orro adjusts to your activity, such as scene information and usage statistics.

  • Technical information from the device, such as firmware version, uptime, and hardware diagnostic information.

When We Will Share Your Personal Data

Your privacy matters to us. We share your personal data only in the following limited circumstances:

  • Based on your consent. For example, we may share your personal data with an installation partner when you schedule an installation through our website.

  • For external processing. For example, we may share your personal data with a service provider for payment processing purposes. We contractually limit our service providers from using this data for any other purpose.

  • As part of business transitions, such as a merger, acquisition, or as an asset in bankruptcy proceedings. Any future recipients of this data will be bound by this privacy policy and restricted from using this data for additional purposes.

  • Legal duty. If we believe that disclosure is reasonably necessary to comply with a law, regulation, valid legal process (e.g., subpoenas or warrants served on us), or governmental or regulatory request. If we are going to release your data, we will do our best to provide you with notice in advance by email, unless we are prohibited by law from doing so.

Data Collection when Connecting with Other Devices, Apps and Features

Orro may provide the ability to connect to other devices, apps and features. These devices, apps and features may operate independently from us and may have their own privacy notices or policies, which we strongly suggest you review. To the extent any linked device, app or feature is not owned or controlled by us, we are not responsible for its content, any use of the device, app or feature, or the privacy practices of the operator of the device, app or feature.

If you connect Orro to other devices, services, or features, we may obtain information from the connected Third-Party. Information we obtain will include:

  • Information about these devices, apps and features such as device name, device ID, home name, home ID, and settings.

  • Data that these connected devices, apps and features collect such as temperature or input events.

We may use the information we obtain through connected devices, apps and features:

  • To control the connected devices, apps and features such as thermostats, doorbells, locks, and lights.

  • To notify you of changes to your devices, apps and features such as changes to thermostats, doorbells, locks, and lights.

Data Shared to Amazon's Alexa

You may choose to connect Orro with Amazon Alexa in order to control Orro via voice commands. Orro communicates with Amazon Alexa through the Orro Alexa Skill. We do not share Orro login information or product usage information with Amazon. However, Amazon may collect usage information or voice samples as part of its Alexa service, and that collection is controlled by Amazon’s Privacy Notice.

Data Shared to Google Assistant

You may choose to connect Orro with Google Assistant in order to control Orro via voice commands. Orro communicates with Google Assistant through the Orro Action. We do not share Orro login information or product usage information with Google. However, Google may collect usage information or voice samples as part of its Google Assistant service, and that collection is controlled by Google’s Privacy Policy.


Orro products communicate over a secured Wi-Fi connection, and we limit the amount of information stored on the actual device. We use industry-standard security, including HTTPS and TLS/SSL protocols, encrypting data during transit, we protect your personal information by physically separating it from usage data and limiting internal access to personally identifiable information. Collected data is stored using Amazon’s S3 cloud service.

Please note, Orro cannot guarantee that unauthorized third parties will never be able to defeat our security measures or use your personal information for improper purposes. In the event that any information under our control is compromised as a result of a breach of security, we will take reasonable steps to investigate the situation and where appropriate, notify those individuals whose information may have been compromised and take other steps, in accordance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Data Retention and Deletion

Your data is retained for as long as necessary to maintain your Orro account or to serve the original purpose for its collection. You may delete your account at any time by contacting To delete data off your Orro devices, please see how to remove Orro Switches.

Changes To This Policy

Our products and services are improving day by day, and new features may be rolled out across our products at any time. For this reason, we reserve the right to update this Privacy Statement at any time. While we encourage you to regularly review the most recent version of our policy, we will inform you of any material changes to this Policy prior to implementation.

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