Good morning.

Orro welcomes you into the day by gently raising the lights. It can even mimic a sunrise, helping you wake.

Never forget to turn off the lights.

Orro remembers to turn off the lights after you've left the room.

It’s bright, no need for lights.

Orro senses natural light and adjusts to save energy.

Always there to get the lights.

Orro responds to your presence with the ideal light.

Make magic moments instantly.

Use Orro's Scene controls to tailor the perfect lighting for the special moments in your life with just a tap.

The natural way to wind down.

Just like a sunset, Orro lowers your lights before bedtime to help your body prepare for sleep.

How It Works

Presence Sensing

Senses motion and sound to allow your lighting to respond to your presence.

Natural Lighting

Suggests lighting levels that reinforce circadian rhythms and help you sleep.

Adaptive Learning

Recognizes patterns and preferences so your lights are always just right.

Meet the Orro Switch

Presence sensors detect motion and sound. Orro also detects the light in the room so it can make smart decisions about how to adjust the lights.

With a full computer inside, Orro can make intelligent lighting decisions all on its own. Orro doesn't rely on WiFi for it's smarts.

A custom retina touchscreen and speaker enable rich interactions with Orro. With just a simple swipe and a tap, you're in complete control.

Manual Control

Just like a regular dimmer. Click, tap, swipe to get your light just right.

Remote Control

Use the Mobile Companion app for fine-tuning at home and on-the-go.

Voice Control

Use your Alexa or Google Assistant smart speakers to control your lights.


Upgrade one room or your entire home.


Let us help you plan to switch.


Let us help you plan to switch.